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The term "average lifespan" confuses many people who errantly believe it refers to the average length of an adult's life in a given time and place. While that is certainly a factor in determining lifespan, we forget that one major factor can reduce or extend that number: infant mortality. When we were approached by Boma la Mama (the maternity-focused extension of Boma Africa) to produce promotional materials for their incredible work in Tanzania, we knew this was a special project. We aren't often afforded the chance to combine our professional lives and our social conscience.

Visual identity design / Brand collateral / Website design and development (Wordpress CMS)
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A mother's touch.

Wanting to ensure the finished product would resonate with the desired audience, we immediately set to work researching the both the challenges and cultural wealth of Tanzanian society. Our efforts paid off as we produced a new branding and identity designed to draw visitors into the fully-editable Wordpress site which we tailored to Boma la Mama's needs. For organizations such as theirs, providing a maximum amount of independence and low-maintenance management both reduces overhead and allows the organization to direct their scarce time and resources into other vital areas. The incredibly positive response to these efforts has been mutually rewarding.

“We loved working with Bureau! They were easy to communicate with (we were in a different city), and time conscious. Bureau took the time to make sure the design was perfect, and were able to capture the ideas we had in mind. Their price was fair, and we look forward to continue working with them in future!”

–Leesha Mafaru, Executive Director, Boma la Mama

Small acts stimulate big change.

If you're interested in helping these noble efforts which provide safe, qualified and dignified maternity care to Tanzanian women, there are a number of options available on their website. No act is too small to stimulate big change.

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