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East Ottawa Midwives

No longer simply an 'alternative' practice held back by popular misconception and misunderstanding, midwifery professionals have become a popular option for those who prefer to deliver in the familiar comfort of their homes rather than strange and sterile surroundings of a hospital.

Visual identity design / Brand collateral / Brand standards guide / Website design and development (Wordpress CMS)

Women helping women.

We chose the crescent for several reasons. When East Ottawa Midwives first approached us to create new branding which would set them apart from a multitude of similar birthing firms in the Ottawa area, we knew their visual identity had to say a lot with a little. Our design, which features two embracing crescent moons, provides the brand with that crucial emotional connection needed to make the East Ottawa Midwives stand out.

As the form of a new moon, the crescent represents new life. Thinking about the warm glow produced by the moon's reflected light, we were reminded of the warmth a new mother feels as an in-home delivery takes place. In fact, the moon has often been displayed as a symbol of women, the subtle connection between the 28-day lunar cycle and menses of the same duration being clear.

East Ottawa Midwives logo
East Ottawa Midwives business cards and letterhead
East Ottawa Midwives website on tablet

Simple, effective and memorable, we further equipped East Ottawa Midwives with a complete brand standard guide for the approved use of their logo by other organizations, sort of a user manual for the symbol. These efforts and our application of the new branding and identity to their online presence has clearly set them apart.

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