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For any new business entering a saturated and highly competitive market, an advanced strategy and strong visual identity are crucial. Toronto-based fashion and accessories firm Koupdekoor understood this from the beginning. A play on the French expression 'coup de cœur,' essentially meaning love at first sight, the business' name aptly describes the feeling customers seeing their products for the first time experience.

Visual identity design / Website design and development (Shopify) / Social media integration

Love at first sight.

Not content with simply having a clever name, however, the company has proven their ingenuity runs deep by launching as an exclusively online business. This strategy means they avoid the costly overhead and limited reach of a physical store, allowing them to direct their savings to creating a strong visual identity and attractive website which engages customers and encourages repeat visits.

Koopdekour logo
Koopdekour website design

Shop 'til you drop.

We worked closely with the Koopdekour crew to develop that identity and create a smooth virtual shopping experience no physical store can match. Whether visiting from the comfort of home or sitting on the beach with an iPad, the strength of Bureau's e-commerce technology and the beauty of the website on which it functions have already created a loyal group of repeat customers, setting Koupdekoor firmly on the path to success.

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