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We are Bureau.

We're a digital communication firm headquartered in Sudbury, Ontario, and we're pleased to meet you.

Youthful, knowledgeable, resourceful and creative, our team is in touch with and understands the latest technologies and behaviors. We don't just know the trends, we set them. As communications change at an incredible pace, we're skilled in making sense of the latest and greatest, identifying and harnessing their potential and using that knowledge to increase your revenue.

As Northern Ontario's fastest growing marketing firm, boasting a roster of over 100 clients in less than four years, we specialize in formulating strategies which combine traditional marketing and branding with emerging social media. As design leaders, we understand the importance of results-oriented creative work.

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Frank Chartrand

Frank Chartrand RGD

Account Executive
Terrie Barksey

Terrie Barksey Prov. RGD

Creative Director


  1. Difference

    In a sea of conformity, innovation and challenge lead to success.

  2. Adaptation

    All life on Earth shares a common reality - adaptation equals prosperity. Always keep an umbrella in your bag.

  3. Challenge

    What is easily obtained is easily lost, the most valuable assets are the most difficult to possess.

  4. Fun

    Life without joy is just plain boring. Laugh and sing loudly, dance and run passionately, make your heart beat a little more quickly every day.

  5. Revenue

    Too many businesses speak of revenue in hushed terms. Talk money. If you don’t, you aren’t in business.

  6. Method

    Before the first story was told, we created language. Before the first seafarers discovered new land, they built ships. Before the first astronaut reached space, we built rockets.

  7. Respect

    Respect is something to be practiced rather than simply stated. It is a philosophy etched in action rather than words.

  8. Relevance

    To shape our future, we must know our past and understand the present.

  9. Creativity

    Invention and innovation distinguish the exceptional from the mediocre.

  10. Work

    Hard work turns inspiration into invention projects anew.

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